meltin bit

Hey, I'm Fabio.

Cloud Software Architect and Developer.

I help companies to design and build their cloud infrastructure from the ground up.

Passionate in my job, in the last decade I have designed and implemented
custom web applications and system integrations in the most disparate contexts.


Being a fullstack developer means having an overview to architect a targeted solution.

This means having a wide range of technological knowledge.

A "Bit" of theory

In simple words, Software can be divided in three macro areas that are connected to each other to communicate.

All applications are composed of many interconnected services at different levels.



Where data are stored

Data are stored in Databases, Data Warehouses ...

Some concrete names are: MySql, PostgreSql, MongoDb, DynamoDB etc...



Where data are manipulated

Logics are performed by Applications like: CMS, Ecommerce, OMS, ERP ...

Some concrete names are: Contentful, Prismic, Shopify, Commercetools, Commerce Layer etc...



Where data are displayed

Presentation is made available through frontend technologies (HTML,CSS,Javascript) on devices such as: Notebooks, Smartphones, Tablets ...

Some concrete names are: VueJS, ReactJS, NuxtJS, NextJS etc...

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