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Freelance Fullstack Web Developer

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Who I Am

My name is Fabio, I am a Freelance Web Developer with over 10 years experience in developing Web Applications.

Web is not only my job but also my passion. I always try to keep up with new technologies for improving my own skills and also for not getting bored :)

My core business are tailor made solutions to accomplish customer needs.

What I Do

I build my Web Applications form the ground up and technologies such as Php, Python, Javascript, VueJs, HTML, CSS, MySql, MongoDb, REST Api and GraphQL are the main bricks I use.

Some examples might be:
  • Inventory managment and synchronization
  • Data feed integration (JSON/CSV/XML)
  • Periodically Scheduled tasks with cronjobs or webhooks
  • Document generations
  • Third party API integration
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Shopify Partner

Since a few years I became a Shopify Partner and I am involved in developing Private Apps and Themes for Shopify E-commerce platform.

Using Shopify REST API and GraphQL API is possible to access to all e-commerce data and integrate them to a custom web app solution.

If you are looking for a solid and professional E-commerce platform have a look here.

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